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Client Testimonials

• "I'm a healthcare provider and suffer from chronic migraine headaches and neck pain. I've been receiving massages for several years now from Kayla and the massages have been extremely beneficial and therapeutic. By receiving massages on a regular basis, I've been able to avoid taking a lot of medication for my issues. Kayla is great and I would recommend her to anyone.”

∞ Dana

• "As a critical care nurse, I encounter stress in my job. I work long hours, so my muscles do not have much time for relaxation. I, and my coworkers, took advantage of the chair massages Kayla offered at our work. They provided instant relief, and I was able to return to my job feeling renewed to provide my patients and their families with great care, because I felt better. As a nurse, not only do I have mental stress, I have physical stress. Back strain and injuries are common in my profession. When my employer no longer provided chair massages, I sought out Kayla, who I have found to be professional and reliable. The relief I receive from a massage is an incredible feeling. It makes me a happier person, and I'm able to devote my entire self to other people because I feel good."

∞ Joan

• “Kayla has been amazing! She is very knowledgeable about massage techniques and the body. She has been very helpful explaining what my body (muscles) are doing and explaining what she is doing in order to help me. Kayla even got me in on the same day when I was having a lot of pain! I feel that with Kayla’s help I will be able to function better and start enjoying life more!“

∞ Anonymous

• “Great service! Highly recommend!”

∞ Anonymous

• “These two people truly care about their clients & physical energy, as well as spiritual love. I am so happy for this meld of goodness & the light they can push out to the community. They are both fearless leaders & genuine people who shed light & comfort to anyone that comes their way! Go guys! You have so much to do & so much good work to put out there! Namaste!“

∞ Melissa 

• “Kayla is very knowledgeable about different massage techniques. She is very caring & is a great listener! She will put together techniques specific to your needs. If you have pain or just want a relaxing massage, give Meraki a try.”

∞ Joy 

• “A great new business you can count on for professionalism & excellent customer service! Not to mention a relaxing massage!”

∞ Emily

• “I had Heath do Reiki on me. He is truly gifted! I had been in depression for quite some time & I knew I needed to do something about it. I decided on Reiki! I didn’t get off of the table with immediate results, but that same day I felt amazing, like a dark cloud had been lifted. I am definitely going to do this again!”

∞ Jeanna

• “Heath never disappoints. Clean, friendly environment. Knowledgeable staff. Always leave feeling refreshed. A++ Thank you Meraki!!”

∞ Krystie

• “Heath knows his stuff, I recommend him to everyone I run into!”

∞ Leah

• “I contacted Kayla to set up in-cabin massages during our 1st trip to the Hocking Hills area. Kayla was really easy to communicate with & was very flexible to accommodate my requests. She even answered some general touristy questions I had that had nothing to do with her services. The massage was fabulous & very relaxing! She understood exactly what I wanted & delivered a great experience. We will definitely use her again!”

∞ Lindsey

• “Great customer service when buying gift certificates! Got it in the mail right away & had another one emailed to its recipient. Very cool. Thank you!”

∞ Shannon

• “Heath did a fantastic job!! I haven’t had a massage in a little over a year and it was just what I needed!! Craniosacral & Deep Tissue helped ease up my muscle tension!! I will be back for sure! Thank you!”

∞ Samantha

• “I had my Reiki massage today, and lemme tell you....AMAZING. Heath is so easy to connect with, especially in situations where you may not necessarily feel comfortable. Kayla is equally as amazing and super easy to connect with as well! Love them both and just met them a week ago!! I’m telling you, you need energies unblocked, muscle tension released, etc., this is the place to go, yo!”

∞ Arian 

• “She’s the most skilled professional I know. If you’re in pain, I guarantee she can help.”

∞ Josh

• “Getting a massage feels amazing. In fact, you begin feeling better before the therapist even enters the room. You’re in a dark, quiet space surrounded by calming music and soothing scents. And once your massage starts, all that tied up tension and stress begins to get released through the power of touch. Why does it feel so good? Contact Meraki and set up a massage of your own preference and you’ll find out why! You’ll be glad you did.... my husband and I did. Thank you Heath and Summer! See you in 2 weeks for a repeat!”

∞ Cheryl